Are Free Spins The Best Casino Bonus Available Online?

There are plenty of different types of casino bonuses that are now available to the general public online, however none of them are created with the same value and some are much better than others. In this article we will be looking at free spins bonuses which is basically when a Casino will offer you a predetermined number of spins that you can take for free on selected games and slot machines which are normally set out by the casino. Some casinos will offer you the chance to play any game of your choosing where as some will only allow you to play on a set slot perhaps the new one that has been currently released.

However the question on everyones mind is are these the best welcome bonuses to claim or should you be looking for something else. Free spins are great for trying a slot out especially if the casino in question allows you to play on the jackpot slots which basically means you have a chance of winning millions without having to deposit any of your own money into the casino account. Finding great free spins bonuses is quite easy, we like to us as these do a great job of compiling all the best free spins and no deposit bonuses that are available on the internet. The benefit to using this over a no deposit cash bonus is that you will actually get more goes at the jackpot instead of just using it all in one go as what would normally happen with a cash bonus.

However for the serious casino player these aren’t the greatest as they don’t offer much value in the long run, each spin tends to only count as the minimum allowed on the slot meaning that any wins that don’t trigger a jackpot wont be very large so if you’re looking to play the long game at a casino then you may want to check out one that offers you the chance of claiming a deposit bonus which offer much greater value for money.