Helping you get the best gambling websites you can

Bookmakers play vital role in online gambling services comparing to the last year on this year many number of sites reviews and ranking has changed, bookmakers attracts many customers especially they got many special offers for the new visitors. Take a look at for a more in-depth take on the best gambling sites. Every bookie provides welcome bonus and special sign in bonus, each sign in offer helps us to win also it is the initial way to increase bankroll. For the new customers first deposit is not necessary to pay, creating an account is necessary and initial step in this process. With the help of mobile and computer we can create our own account bettors can able to create account on their own name or by any pet names.

As soon as we created account on our name we get promo code this code vary from each persons this is important whenever we submit any form we should mention this code only normally promo code will be in six digits to five digits and it varies as per site we choose.

It Will Be Ranked In Number System Or In Grade Method

The gambling sites will be ranked in either ways like rank or number method, if the bookie finds any suspect about member’s identity then they can even block or file a complaint against that person cheating and other illegal activities is not possible over here. Providing secure feel for every individual is the bookmakers’ responsibility, the pay back percentage on every site is in a genuine way. In previous year the award winning site for their services was Ladbrokes this got the excellent reviews and payment method is also suitable for all members without any complications and they just deals with horse racing.

Bet365 is best mobile gambling site; BETVICTOR is for premier league and William Hill deals with football betting and paddy power are in the four places. Paddy power got excellent money back facility that suits for new clients; there are few sites which are providing all round gambling service in online. Internet made the gambling easier, to get better odds visit the top ranked site only there we can able to find high percentage and others providing lesser percentage maximum we can get up to 14% of better odd this specifically we can see in premier leagues. Only famous sports got the high bets rates in fact many sites just deals with the cricket and footballs because only these got the many fan followers comparing to others.

Only reputable companies are running top sites so we can place any amount of money without any hindrance if suppose there is any complication in repaying amount we can also file a case in IBAS (independent betting adjudication service). Mathematical models were strictly followed to calculate the winning or loose, certain systems are followed strictly and commonly by every bookie in order to avoid troubles. Always we need to keep updating recent happening and changes in the industries no matter whether you are new or old client, only with proper research we will get know about the reliable package.

How to choose the sports to gamble on, when you are at the best betting sites

If you want to make a living from betting or just want to gamble for fun but don’t know which sports to choose, this article is for you.We take a look at some of the best betting sites uk


Being able to make money through betting sites all depends on the strategies you have. You need to be able to make the right decisions at the right time. And to have a specific area you are interested in would be highly beneficial. Because then you can tailor your betting choices to this area and gamble on that specific sporting activity, increasing your chances of winning.


There are betting sites based on many sports such as baseball, football, hockey, basketball and so on. You as a bettor should decide on the section you want to gamble on. This decision may seem easy for some, however, there are a lot of people struggling with making the decision. Especially for new bettors, to make this decision can be complicated.


During this process, there may be a lot of people telling you some specific sport is better and more profitable than the rest, however this is not the case as it all depends on you and your knowledge. Hence, in this article we will not suggest the most profitable sport for you. As we mentioned above, the best sport depends, solely on you!


Bettors with experience would know how vital it is to have the extensive knowledge about the sport they are gambling on. However, new comers generally tend to think, little bit of knowledge is enough and it is all a game of luck. They could not be more wrong. A little bit of a luck may be needed however mostly the bets will be based on calculated guesses. For example, on a football bet, a new comer will just make guesses and the risk factor will be much higher. However, a bettor with extensive football knowledge will not only know the players, but also their conditions. Indeed, he will know the importance of taking into consideration of factors such as the weather and the time of the game, which makes his guess a much more calculated one.


Hence, try not to fall into the trap of people telling you which sport is the best. The best sport depends on you. Before betting on a sport, make sure you do some extensive research to figure out your interests.

Are you protected by the EU Flight delay compensation law?

Have you heard of this recent law thats been put into action by Judges at the European Union? Well they now allow you to claim flight delay compensation when you’ve been delayed for longer than 3 hours and according to Flight Delay Specialists this applies to all flights that are flying from within the European Union and no matter which air line carrier you are using whether its US based or middle east based as long as they are departing inside of the EU you’ll be covered for any flight delays that you may experience.

Claiming isn’t particularly difficult either in face whether you decide on hiring a company to do it for you or doing it yourself it can be a pretty straight forward process as a lot of air lines have a direct email which you will be able to contact them on, there are also plenty of good resources on the internet which will show you exactly what you need to do in every step of the compensation claim. Or if you choose to go through using a company all you will need to do is provide them with the necessary information of the flight you took, how long you were delayed for and what was the reason for the delay and once you click on the submit button they will do all the rest for you making your job much easier.

Obviously you cant claim for every flight as this would cause plane tickets to rise rapidly there are certain rules that each delay needs to follow in order such as the flight that you’re claiming on must have been delayed within the last 6 years, if it falls out of this then you wont be able to lodge a successful claim. The next one is it needs to of been delayed for a minimum of 3 hours, if your flight was delayed less than this then you wont be able to claim against this. Thirdly the reason why the flight has been delayed must be due to circumstances that fall outside of the air carriers control, this is something like if there is extreme weather conditions which are preventing all flights from taking off or a security breach which means that all flights have to be grounded.

Obviously there are more reasons than the ones we’ve just listed and if you dont want to deal with doing the work yourself we advise you to go with Flight Delay Specialists to claim back your compensation.

Getting the best out of an online slots site

There are plenty of different sites to choose from nowadays and it can sometimes be hard for us online casino players wading through all the crap, thats why its nice when a site like this comes along which basically cuts through all the crap sites out there and only displays the best slot machines site on the net and this site is they boil down to the nitty gritty information that we need to make a well thought out decision on which online slots site we will want to be playing at.

Slot machines are and always have been one of the most popular past times for any casino gambler, even way back when they first came out and they used to operate on 3 reels pull and spin they have always been popular, this could be due to the fantastic winnings that they can provide. Unlike table games such as roulette where the prizes are never that great unless you’re betting big, slot machines can change your fortunes from just a penny spin if you happen to win one of them big progressive jackpots that you see raking up into the millions of £’s. This is why they tend to be a gamblers first choice, that and the fact they are so modern nowadays with high definition graphics which just make them even more appealing.

Another benefit to playing your favourite slots online has to be there is less distractions around, in a land based casino there is just far too much going on in one place which can provide a major distraction and take you away from focussing on what you’re here to do and thats to win money, casinos are always trying to put their customers off and distract them whether its with free drinks or croupiers who are talking to you hoping that you make a silly decision and end up spending more money than you have to do.


Are bookies offers really free?

Some people may be wondering are bookies offers really free or do they have some kind of unscrupulous terms attached to them which will turn around and bite you on the ass at a later date, well we are happy to inform you that the majority of offers you may see on the internet will indeed be free, there aren’t many bookmakers who are of a good standard who will put into their terms something that will end up turning around on you at a later date. However that doesn’t mean you can be lazy when you start looking for betting offers and just go around signing up to bookmakers all willy nilly, you will need to always read into the terms and conditions that have been set out by the bookmaker as these will vary depending on which every betting site you end up signing up to.

The world of gambling can be a dangerous one some times even though you’re protected by a lot of rules and regulations that are set out by governing bodies it doesn’t mean that the bookies wont try and get around them, at the end of the day they’re looking to make money off you they’re not here to give everyone free bets and let them gamble for free.

Can You Use Bookies Offers To Your Advantage

Well the answer on this one is definitely a resounding yes, of course you can use bookies offers to your own advantage, infact there are many guides out there which will teach you how to match bet and always turn a profit. This is something that you definitely need to look out for as you’ll be surprised how much money you can make from not having to spend any of your own all because of free bets.